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Instagram marketing and management involve leveraging the Instagram platform to enhance brand visibility, engage with audiences, and drive business growth. This encompasses a strategic blend of content creation, community engagement, and analytics. Instagram marketing includes creating visually appealing posts, stories, and reels that resonate with the target audience, utilizing features like hashtags and geotags to increase reach, and collaborating with influencers to amplify brand messaging. Management involves scheduling posts for optimal times, responding to comments and messages to foster relationships, monitoring metrics to assess performance, and adjusting strategies based on insights. Effective Instagram marketing and management require a cohesive strategy that aligns with broader business goals, ensuring consistent branding and meaningful interactions that convert followers into customers.

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Instagram Marketing & Management

At CMC, we specialize in comprehensive Instagram marketing and management services designed to elevate your brand’s presence and engagement on the platform. We offer expert consultation to tailor strategies to your unique business needs, alongside content development that captivates and converts. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced tools and insights to deliver detailed Instagram management reports, ensuring your campaigns achieve the best possible outcomes. Partner with CMC to harness the full potential of Instagram for your brand’s success. Our Instagram marketing services in India surpass those of our competitors, offering advanced tools and dedicated experts to ensure optimal campaign outcomes. We provide comprehensive Instagram marketing solutions, including:

What Are Instagram Management Services In India?

Instagram management services are the services that build, develop and handle your Instagram organic and paid campaigns. Instagram management includes organic and paid management of any business or individual profile. Our Instagram management services offer you complete Instagram profile management including postings, comment monitoring, running paid campaigns, monitoring and reporting of campaigns etc.

Complete Instagram Marketing & Management Services

Instagram marketing includes a wide range of services aimed at promoting businesses and individuals on the platform. Here are some common services that fall under Instagram marketing:- 

Strategy Development

Developing a tailored Instagram marketing strategy that aligns with business goals and targets the specific audience. This approach ensures optimized engagement and measurable outcomes.

Account management

Effectively managing and maintaining an active Instagram presence involves consistent content posting, prompt responses to comments and messages, and proactive engagement with followers to foster a vibrant community.

Contest and giveaway management

Organizing and executing contests or giveaways on Instagram is an effective strategy to boost engagement, attract new followers, and reward existing ones, fostering a vibrant and loyal community around the brand.

Community Management

Engaging with the Instagram community by responding to comments, messages, and mentions, while fostering strong relationships with followers.

Instagram Live

Hosting live video sessions to establish real-time connections with followers, addressing their queries, and offering exclusive content or event insights.

Content creation

Creating visually appealing and engaging content, including photos, videos, graphics, and captions, to captivate and connect with your audience.

Social listening

Monitoring and analyzing brand or industry-related conversations and mentions on Instagram to gather insights, understand customer sentiment, and inform strategic decision-making.

Hashtag research

Identifying relevant and popular hashtags to enhance discoverability and extend reach on Instagram, optimizing visibility within target communities.

Advertising campaigns

Executing targeted advertising campaigns on Instagram boosts brand visibility, directs traffic to websites, and effectively generates leads and sales, maximizing the platform’s potential for business growth.

E-commerce integration

Utilizing Instagram’s shopping features, like product tagging, facilitates direct purchasing within the platform, enhancing user convenience and driving conversion rates effectively.

Instagram Insights
and performance optimization

Leveraging data and analytics enables the refinement of strategies, identification of trends, and iterative improvements for superior results in Instagram marketing endeavors.

Analytics & reporting

Tracking and analyzing Instagram metrics, including follower growth, engagement rate, reach, and conversions, to assess marketing success and guide strategic decisions based on data-driven insights.

Instagram Stories

Crafting captivating and interactive Stories on Instagram engages followers while providing glimpses of behind-the-scenes content, promotions, or announcements, fostering deeper connections and driving engagement effectively.

Influencer marketing

Partnering with influencers to endorse products or services, expanding audience reach, and enhancing brand visibility through targeted promotion.

IGTV (Instagram TV)

Producing and sharing longer-form video content on IGTV enables brands to delve into deeper storytelling or provide educational content, enriching their engagement with audiences on Instagram.

Instagram Promotion Packages


10,000 INR / 150 USD Monthly.

Best for Startups


18,000 INR / 250 USD Monthly

Best for Small Business


28,000 INR / 400 USD Monthly.

Best for Large Business

Elevate Your Instagram Presence with Jodhpur's Premier
Instagram Marketing Company.

Harness the Potential of Instagram with Top-notch Marketing Services in Jodhpur. As a reputable Instagram management and marketing firm based in Jodhpur, CMC has empowered numerous brands in enhancing their social presence. Backed by seasoned Instagram marketing experts, we offer tailored services aimed at boosting ROI and driving online sales. Our proven social media strategies are designed to captivate Instagram audiences, enticing them to explore your offerings and ultimately leading them to your website for increased returns. We also help you prepare an effective Instagram marketing strategy and content development plans to offer long-term benefits to your business. So if you are looking to grab a good amount of online traffic in negligible efforts, Instagram marketing is the way to go.

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Strategy Development

An Instagram marketing company will work with clients to develop a customized strategy that aligns with their marketing goals. This includes identifying target audiences, determining content themes, and establishing objectives.

Content Creation

Crafting captivating and visually striking content is paramount for Instagram success. A proficient marketing company provides a range of services including photography, graphic design, video production, and copywriting to guarantee that the client’s content not only stands out but also deeply resonates with their target audience.

Account Management

The company may undertake the management and optimization of the client’s Instagram account, handling tasks such as content posting, post scheduling, follower engagement, comment responses, and analytics monitoring to gauge performance effectively.

Advertising Campaign

Instagram presents diverse advertising opportunities, including sponsored posts, story ads, and carousel ads. An Instagram marketing company adeptly crafts and oversees targeted advertising campaigns to amplify exposure, attract fresh audiences, and catalyze conversions, ensuring optimal results for their clients.

Analytics & Reporting

Monitoring and analyzing Instagram metrics is pivotal in assessing the efficacy of marketing endeavors. The company delivers periodic reports detailing key performance indicators (KPIs) like follower growth, engagement rate, reach, and conversions. Leveraging this data, they refine strategies and optimize outcomes for enhanced results.

Trend Analysis

Remaining abreast of the latest Instagram trends and features is paramount for success. An Instagram marketing company diligently tracks platform updates, algorithm alterations, and emerging trends to ensure their clients stay informed about new opportunities to captivate their audience effectively.

Why Should You Use Instagram Advertising Services?

An Instagram marketing company endeavors to elevate a client’s online presence, bolster brand awareness, channel traffic to their website, and ultimately cultivate leads and sales through strategic and targeted Instagram marketing endeavors. With millions of users primarily interested in fashion, travel, food, art, and crafts, Instagram serves as an ideal platform for businesses within these industries to amplify their brand visibility. Notably, Instagram content has been observed to drive traffic more effectively than other visual social content platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest. Additionally, Instagram presents heightened opportunities for repeat purchases and facilitates the generation of targeted and relevant website traffic. Leveraging existing marketing materials such as photos, graphics, and other visuals for sharing on Instagram further augments engagement and facilitates the conversion of traffic into tangible outcomes.

More Reasons to Use Instagram Advertising Services

Our Instagram Advertising Campaigns Include

Managing Instagram marketing campaigns can be challenging for businesses and individuals with busy schedules. That’s where CMC comes in. We offer affordable monthly Instagram marketing packages, taking care of your Instagram ads to ensure better growth and engagement.

Brand Awareness

The Brand Awareness objective is perfect for businesses aiming to boost their brand visibility. It focuses on exposing your brand to as many people as possible, making it ideal for companies that are new to the market or have recently launched a new product or service.


“Traffic” is a Facebook Ads objective designed to drive more visitors to your website or landing page. By selecting “Traffic” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery to target individuals who are more likely to click through to your website or landing page.


“Engagement” is a Facebook Ads objective that aims to encourage interactions with your ad or content, such as likes, comments, or shares. When you choose “Engagement” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm will optimize ad delivery to target individuals who are more likely to engage with your content.

Lead Generation

“Lead Generation” is a Facebook Ads objective aimed at collecting leads from your target audience. By selecting “Lead Generation” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery to reach individuals who are more likely to provide their contact information in exchange for an offer, such as an e-book or webinar.


“Reach” is an advertising objective available for Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. The primary goal of this objective is to maximize the number of people who see your ad within your chosen target audience.

App Promotion

“App Installs” is a Facebook Ads objective designed to increase the number of people installing your mobile app. By selecting “App Installs” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery to target individuals who are more likely to download and install your app.

Video Views Ads Campaign Objective

“Video Views” is a Facebook Ads objective designed to increase the number of people who watch your video ad. By selecting “Video Views” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery to target individuals who are more likely to watch your video.

Sales Objective

“Catalog Sales” is a Facebook Ads objective aimed at promoting products from your e-commerce catalog to drive sales on your website or app. By selecting “Catalog Sales” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery to target individuals who are more likely to make a purchase.


“Messages” is a Facebook Ads objective centered on prompting individuals to initiate a conversation with your business through Facebook Messenger. By selecting “Messages” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm tailors ad delivery to target users who are more inclined to send a message to your business.

Catalog Sales

“Catalog Sales” is a Facebook Ads objective tailored to promoting products from your e-commerce catalog and boosting sales on your website or app. By selecting “Catalog Sales” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm fine-tunes ad delivery to target individuals who are more inclined to complete a purchase.

Store Traffic

“Store Traffic” is a Facebook Ads objective aimed at increasing foot traffic to your physical store locations. By selecting “Store Traffic” as your objective, Facebook’s algorithm adjusts ad delivery to target individuals who are more likely to visit your store in person.

Why Instagram Marketing Services Are Important

There are a lot of reasons of using Instagram marketing services including;

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To get started with Instagram marketing, connect with an experienced and skilled Instagram marketing agency. Look for one with a strong track record that has successfully helped many businesses excel in their respective fields through Instagram.

Instagram can be immensely lucrative for businesses over time. For instance, businesses with over 10,000 followers can earn an average of $88 per post, while those with 100,000 followers can make $200 per post.

Instagram marketing involves promoting a business on the free Instagram app. This includes publishing quality content, whether through organic posts or sponsored ads, to reach and influence a larger audience.

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